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Friday, August 10, 2018

Top 5 Default Features You Must Disable On Your New Smartphone

Every newly smartphone comes with default activated feature which in one way or the other has its advantages and disadvantage to the user and the device itself.
In other to enjoy your new smartphone, there are some features you need to disable in other to improve your smartphone performance. but you can still decide to keep them in default setting if you feels its performance is more suitable to you. Below are the features to disable.

Top 5 Default Features You Must Disable On Your New Smartphone

  1. Vibrations and Sounds: These features (Vibration and Sound) tend to mimic the response of physical buttons, but in practice, they are consuming your battery.
To disable, go to Settings => Sound and Notifications and disable Dialpad sounds, Screen lock sounds, Touch sounds, Charging sounds, Vibrate on Touch etc.
2. Disable Google Advertisement Personalisation: Google uses your private data to know you better, which allows it to target you with ads.
To disable this, go to Settings and search in the Google menu. You will then find “Ads” and there, you’ll be able to set which apps may use your app ID to create profiles and run custom Ads.
3. Automatic Brightness: Manufacturer might probably set your brightness as Automatic because it detects the ambient light level and adapts its display in any environment.
This feature is very beneficial but times the resolution and the luminosity threshold is higher. Therefore now consumes the battery more faster therefore you are advised to calibrate the level of brightness.
4. Disable Unwanted Apps and Cumbersome Bloatware: Most default Apps on your new Android phone, consumes alot of space and memory. Many also runs on background. therefore draining the system battery easily. As you all know you can’t delete follow-come or pre-installed apps, You are then advised to Disable them from their settings.
5. Animations and Transitions: Animations beautify your smartphone but for the sake of your battery, you are recommended to Disable this feature in other to boost the performance of your smartphone. To Disable this feature;
Firstly, Enable Developer option by tapping on your Build number 7 times, then go to “Window Animation Scale”, ” Transition Animation Scale” and “Animation Duration Scale” and set duration to 0.5 or deactivate it.

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